November 2018
Our Safety Training course meets the requirements of the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) for overseas trained and qualified electrical workers who have obtained an electrical worker (EW) number and a hold or are applying for a Limited Certificate issued by the EWRB. (Note: this is not a Trainee limited Certificate, which has different training requirements).

Note: An application to the EWRB for a limited Certificate requires the applicants have a supervisor who will complete and sign the application form.

Once the Limited Certificate has been issued to the electrical worker, they then have 3 months in which to complete this safety course.

On completion of the course, the attendees training record with the EWRB will be updated by the course facilitator to reflect the completion of the safety training requirements.

About the Course

The safety course is a one-day course of 8 hours duration. 8:00am – 4:30pm (Note, meals are not supplied)
The cost of the course is $430:00 + GST = $494.50 including GST.
The course fee covers both the safety training and the First-aid CPR training components.
A minimum of 5 persons are required to be registered with us before a course is confirmed.

Course dates provided are provisional until registered persons have been notified by email that the course has been confirmed.

Once the course, course date and location have been confirmed you will receive notification and payment options.

What is covered in the course?

The course is designed to cover the basics of safe working practices as it relates to important principles regarding the safe working with electricity in New Zealand.
In overview, the course covers:
  • Principles and requirements for the safe working with electricity in New Zealand. 
  • New Zealand’s legislation covering electrical work and health and safety 
  • Working under supervision requirements 
  • Hazard control and management 
  • Testing for safety 
  • Portable tools and equipment safety 
  • Verification and the certification process. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of basic First aid and CPR.
The course is a combination of interactive presentations on the various topics and hands-on learning is included especially around testing for safety.

What is required for the course

All test equipment and course materials are provided.
Attendees are required to bring to the course, a copy of their limited certificate.

Current Dates

24th June Penrose 8am - 4pm

Proposed course date, please register your interest in the form below

How to apply.

To make an application for a Safety Course, please complete the form below and click the Apply button.
Safety Course