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Intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV).

December 2017
There are currently 5800 registered Electric Vehicles in New Zealand and numbers are rapidly rising in number. Subsequently there is a demand for EV charging. Globally, the EV charging infrastructure industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 46.8% from 2017 to 2025, presenting a new opportunity for electrical contractors.
Though the perception can be that charging stations in public places is essential to owning an EV, in other countries around 90% of charging EVs occurs at people's homes. To increase EVs in NZ, the mentality has to shift to include home charging.

Whether charging EV is performed at a domestic, public or private level, there are multiple charging options available suitable for use in New Zealand. Though charging from a domestic socket is available this is not the best choice for EV charging over the long-term. Charging stations are easier to use and provide high performance and shorter charging times.
According to the Ministry of Transport running an EV in New Zealand is equivalent to buying petrol at 30c per liter. So in addition to the environmental benefits of having 1/5 the emissions output to conventional vehicles, there are also economic benefits to the owner. 

2 charging options available for EVs:

Wall box eHome

Charging at home is the simplest, cheapest and most convenient way to charge and EV. A dedicated charging unit is a better option than a 3-pin charging cable. The eHome is suitable for outdoor & indoor domestic parks, and this unit is optimized with the best ratio of cost to features on the market. eHome is able to charge all electric vehicles (EVs) on the market as all units are available with type 1 or type 2 cables. The robust UV resistant ABS plastic housing protects against mechanical stress and environmental conditions. This increases the unit's lifespan and avoids replacement in just a few years of use like some other units on the market. 
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Raption 22

The Raption 22 is a fast charging DC station, with an extra slim design and universal charger. The unit is suitable for public access environments such as urban spaces, shopping centres, airports, public carparks. They also may be used in private situations such as companies with EV fleets or car rental/sharing. Raption 22 comes with simultaneous AC & DC charging capability enabling two cars to charge at the same time. The units also have a easily customisable front surface to tailor look to fit your business/application. 
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