The Tool Every Electrician Needs
- Clamp Meters

May 2016
Every electrician must have a clamp meter, and one that can measure down to milliamps is an added advantage. The DT-9810 is good quality, affordable, pocket size, multi-range clamp leakage tester.

AS/NZS3760 - Maximum Test Values

  • <5mA

    Earth leakage class 1 Appliance
  • <1mA

    Earth leakage class 2 Appliance
Many Class1 and Class 2 appliances now have relay-start and need to be energised to allow the internal electrical components to be tested, therefore they cannot be tested to AS/NZS3760 by insulation resistance methods.

  • Computers
  • Some jugs, toasters, coffee machines etc
  • Office equipment
  • Audio and AV equipment
Most good appliance testers (PAT) allow leakage testing through the PAT. However if you do not have a suitable PAT, then leakage testing using a test lead adapter and leakage clampmeter is a very cost effective option.
Test adapter for Class 2 Appliances


Being able to check and test for leakage current in Protective Earth Conductors (PEC) is another very useful and additional safety test in many installation and equipment checks, especially where RCD’s are not installed.

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