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January 2018
Most commercial projects will require the concrete reinforcing to be earthed effectively. To do this you will need a rebarcon or as the industry commonly refers to them wricons.

Active have them made to order promptly and efficiently, to any cable size, any length, all made quickly to your requirements.

Our rebarcons are high quality fully exothermic welded and can be welded or clamped to the reinforcing mesh. This ensures a 100% bond and reduces the risk of poor earthing or disconnection associated with earth clamps.
We just need to know:
  • Earth conductor size.
  • Length of earth conductor required.
  • Welded or Clamp connection to the reinforcing steel.
  • Made to your design
  • Any length
  • Any size
  • Rapid production & delivery
Often a pit box is required with the rebarcon installation, Active can supply a range of earth pit boxes with or without internal earth bars.

Available now from Active Electrical

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