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Pure LED Intelligent Poultry Lighting System

July 2018
  • Provides Poultry producers with an in-system lighting solution that meets the needs of today's modern poultry houses. Reduces electricity costs, decreases labour, maintenance costs and increases flock performance. Worldwide top dimming technology from 0.2%-100% without flickers.

    Worldwide top dimming technology from 0.2%-100% without flickers. V-shape patent design 270° aluminum radiator structure. Unique design end cap with 360° rotating end cap with scale,adjust angle and position. Low heat, less than 50°C. Excellent thermal efficiency. Humidity proof, Dust proof, Shatter proof and Waterproof with IP66 better rating.

Our intelligent dimming system will gradually dim up or down over a 15 a minute period. Poultry sight is sharp and more sensitive to light changes & wavelength, With our dimming control it will keep the chicken calm at all times.

The lighting provides a more uniform and continuous light pattern free of dark spots and shadows. Birds are less likely to be spooked or provoked by movement outside of the system and are noticeably less-stressed and calmer. It has an enhanced blue and green spectrum with added red content for early bird development.

Green light increases growth during early stages of development while blue light is shown to be helpful in the growth of poultry at a later age by elevating plasma androgens.

Blue light keeps birds calm, reduces corticosterone levels and heterophil:lymphocyte ratios—blood markers for short- and long-term stress and positively affects blood glucose and triglyceride levels.The Poultry lighting solution has an optimized color spectrum meeting the birds’ developmental needs at every stage of growth. It is designed to enhance welfare and increase bird performance. Full spectrum encourages uniform growth by offering healthy bird development during every growth stage. IP66 and Corrosion Free which withstands harsh barn environment for years to come.

Product Features

  • Easy DIY programming
  • Auto- programmable operation setting modes in 24 hour cycles.
  • Built-in digital CPU with smart control performance.
  • Leading edge & trailing edge dimmable.
  • Triac
  • 0%-100% dimmable, dimming precision 1% simulate sunrise.
  • 1x10A/2x10A output terminals 10xm.
  • 7” LCD clearly displays current status.
  • IP66 rating, IK08 anti-collision grade.
  • 7 inches LCD clearly displays current status
    0.2%-100% dimmable, dimming precision 1% simulate sunrise-sunset. 
  • Input terminal 10cm cable with male connector + 100cm cable with female connector to power

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