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Schneider Saturn Zen

July 2016

Whether you require wall switches, power outlets, data outlets, USB chargers, fan controllers, dimmers or cooker switches — Saturn Zen combines form and function to create a complete switch solution for your home.

Saturn™ is a premium range of architecturally designed electrical accessories. Especially appealing to those who desire the latest styles and fashions. The entire Saturn Collection has set new standards in home electrical accessories – offering design that is unlike other electrical
accessories on the market. Saturn is specifically designed to offer a seamless electrical solution for your home in Ocean Mist, Espresso Black and Pure White colour variants. Going beyond just wall switches and power outlets, the Saturn range offers a complete electrical accessory solution with superior functionality, while enhancing your décor. Pioneering Push-Button
Technology Push-button technology gives you smooth reliable operation at the touch of a button, while incorporating the stunning architectural design of Saturn.
  • LED push button
  • Finger print resistant
  • Matte finishes in black or white
  • 72 optional pictogram icons
  • Range includes: wall switches, power outlets, data outlets, USB chargers, "soft-touch" dimmers, fan controllers with clear speed position or cooker switches
  • Compatible with C-bus Home Automation
  • Handy smart shelf option (either two USBs or a twin power outlet to accomodate charger packs
  • LED indicator pinholes
    Thanks to Saturn Zen LED Switches you’ll always know which switch is in operation. Designed with a small elegant pinhole in the switch, Saturn Zen LED indicators give off just enough light so you can find the switch easily in the dark.
  • Smart Shelf
    Keep your smart devices safe and cables tidy with this handy charger shelf. Designed to hold two smartphones or one tablet, the Saturn Zen Charger Shelf is ideal for bedrooms, lounges and kitchen areas.
  • Pictograms
    Forget trying to figure out which switch does what. You can choose from up to 50 optional pictogram icons, so you can easily recognise the right switch at a glance. They’re interchangeable too, so if your requirements change, simply swap the pictogram icon for one that suits your needs.
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