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Circutor solar canopies for electric vehicle charging systems

February 2017

PVing PARKS is a solution that combines a photovoltaic solar canopy with regulation of the injection of power into the grid and a charging system for electric vehicles. This solution enables the production of energy during daylight hours to cover part of the electricity consumption of an installation and the charging of electric vehicles.

PVing PARKS has Web monitoring and electric energy management software which provides real time information on energy production, power saving and power consumption of connected cars. With this software you can also save all historical data in a database for periodic analysis of the energy and cost saving of the installation. PVing PARKS solutions can cover a parking area from 2 to 6 spaces, having a double connection for charging electric vehicles. Special configurations are also possible for car parks in order to offer a turnkey solution.

Solar canopies consist of 3 main elements that complement each other perfectly to comprise a complete, versatile and robust product.
    • The main element is the photovoltaic canopy itself, which is modular and comes in many dimensions that allow it to adapt to any type of surface.
    • The next element is the electric vehicle charging system, which leverages the renewable energy generated by the canopy and supplies it to the vehicles that are connected to it.
    • Finally, the energy management software manages and controls all the elements and links them together for comprehensive monitoring of the entire solution.
  • Shelter for vehicles in outdoor car parks.
  • Generation of photovoltaic energy.
  • Electric vehicle charging.
  • Reduction of energy costs.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions associated with generating energy.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the electricity consumption of the installation and the PV generation
  • Modularity and scalability - adapts to growing needs from small to large installations
  • CIRCUTOR can also develop larger custom solutions, overseeing the engineering and installation of the entire system.

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