December 2017
  • The adventure companion - Promate quick charge waterproof power bank 

    • Smart phone & tablet charging
    • Ultra fast charging - qualcom quick charge 3.0 port
    • Ultra portable size
    • Waterproof IP68 rated
    • Dust resistant & shock proof
    • LED torch built in
    • Universal compatibility
    • 10,0000 mAh

    Armor-10 Powerbank
  • Standalone compact 6dBm Fibre Transmitter

    This compact fibre optic transmitter in robust die-cast housing includes SAT and DTT inputs with DC by pass for remote feeding, LED indication of input signal level and laser diode aging, RF test output / DTT input port and, optical output FC/APC

  • A simple, streamlined solution to managing and distributing data

    The Modempak Vertical Cable Management System is designed to handle high density cabling, whether for termination or patching applications. It fits neatly alongside the vertical 19” rails within the cabinet to ensure neat cabling and adherence to bend radius requirements. The PVC fingers are mounted to the steel channel and hold the integrated cover/lid. The hinged door cover conserves any unsightly cables and has the ability to hinge left of right. Various widths and height can be obtained using the 600mm sections.

    Vertical cable management
  • Up to 50m wireless switching

    The HNS310RK is a Transmitter / Receiver kit containing a HNS312TR Transmitter and a HNS311RX Receiver. The 2 channel
    battery powered Transmitter controls the 2 load outputs on the Receiver via RF (Radio Frequency) signals. The Transmitter
    inputs are connected to any type of on/off switches, typically a standard single gang or dual gang wall switch.

    HNS310RK 2 Channel 20A Radio Switch Kit
  • Generate DVB-T signals from HDMI input

    The HD860 module is able to generate a signal in DVB-T format (Digital Terrestrial Television) from HDMI input. HD860 is H264 encoding, DVB-T modulation integrated device to convert HDMI signal to DVB-T RF out. It is equipped with one channel HDMI input, one HDMI out(HDMI pass-though) and one DVB-T RF out.The HD860 module adjusts the compression rate to the available bandwidth, using the modulation DVB-T parameters.


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