Supervision carries added responsibility.

If you have trainees or low skilled electrical workers working for you or under your control and direction then you are supervising. This places you, as the supervisor and the person you are supervising under some legal requirements as set out under the Electricity Act and the Electrical Safety Regulations.
In May 2016 the EWRB published 2 documents:
  • Supervision of Persons who are not Limited Certificate Holders (B-PO-05A)
  • Supervision of Trainees Holding a Limited Certificate (B-PO-05)
Both documents are PDF's downloadable from the EWRB website (search supervision)

These documents are a must have on file and to have read for all registered electrical workers who "supervise others"
to ensure compliance with both regulations and the Health & Safety at work Act 2015.

In Electron #87 (Feb 2017) under "Results of Disciplinary Hearing" is a really relevant example of poor supervision resulting in the supervisor been found guilty of disciplinary offences under the Electricity Act 1992.
Click here to download Electron #87
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