EWRB look to change Competency Course content for 2017

If you read the last EWRB Electron 82, you noted that the EWRB are looking to change the two yearly Competence Refresher Course programme. They are looking to provide the core course content to training providers. On top of this, it looks likely that some or all of the required course could be provided online.
So it seems certain that the 2017-2018 round of practicing licence competency courses will be different, but will it be a significant improvement on what is currently on offer?
Active Electrical Suppliers just been approval as a competency training provider and we have developed and high level programme. This incorporates extensive use of clear graphics, informative content, a colour 24 page support book all integrated with hands-on test panel modules. The programme will provide useful skills enhancement and tangible business value to the refresher competency programme.
Details of the program and course dates are available on our website here.