February Top 5 Data

February 2017

  • Wifi in every room at the push of a button!

    Extend your internet connection to every room including previously hard to reach areas of the house. The new TPlink powerline wifi kit plugs into existing electrical wiring providing encrypted high speed data transmission at the push of a button. 


  • A key component of the 6A shielded end-to-end solution.

    The Shielded Patch Panel connector offers superior alien crosstalk suppression, excellent insertion loss, and enhanced electromagnetic interference (EMI). Specifically developed for highspeed data transmission and designed to exceed the highest electrical performance standards in the industry.

    PowerCat 6A 1U 48 Port Patch Panel

  • Reduce 4G interference with your VHS signal

    Matchmaster filters removed unwanted 'Digital Killing' interference from 4G cellphone and strong VHF. Install one of these Matchmaster filters and get a clean signal with clear uninterrupted TV picture.

    09MM-DTF01 // 09MM-DTF02

  • A smart investment for your business

    Get full HD video with the cost effective Panasonic e series. They are easy to use and a high quality, plug and play solution.

    Panasonic e series cameras and DVRs

  • Securely extend your wifi

    Secure wifi extender, links security panel to the internet. Simply plug the master into the router, the slave into the IP-Module and connect the power for a secure wireless path.

    Pre-Programmed Wifi Bridge Kit

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