June Top 5 Data

June 2017
  • Distribute one source to multiple displays

    Distribute a single source to multiple displays with one modulator, supporting full HD 1080p@ 60Hz. Multiple HDMI to DVB-T Converters can be installed to distribute as many channels as you need. With a strong anti-noise and anti-interference ability, this converter can be used for; monitor systems, outdoor large screen displays, shopping mall advertisements, media education fields and more.

  • One smart router, three high performing WiFi networks

    TRENDnet’s AC3200 extreme performance Tri Band Wireless Router, model TEW-828DRU, produces three concurrent wireless networks—two separate 1300 Mbps Wireless AC networks and a 600 Mbps Wireless N network. Smart Connect technology automatically groups slower and faster AC devices to separate WiFi AC bands. High performance Gigabit ports, a 1 GHz dual core processor, six high gain antennas, high power amplifiers, and a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 share port deliver extraordinary networking speed and range.

  • Combine satellite, terrestrial & sky feeds with this rack mountable multiswitch

    This modulator can take inputs from 2 x Satellite, 1 x Terrestrial, 1 x Backfeed, with electrostatic protection included. The 10MM-MST316-19 comes from the premium range of UHF, combination mast head, house distribution modulators and amplifiers. Matchmaster’s range of mast head modulators and amplifiers have 694MHz built in low pass LTE/4G filters to reduce interference from 4G mobile transmissions.  

  • Hybrid Multi-Purpose Communication Cable

    OptiC@t™5e Hybrid Multi-Purpose Communication Cable allows the project owner and installer to “future proof” their next project. OptiC@t™5e cable allows immediate connection to the current standard of internet and telecommunications service via the cat 5e cable, the high quality BendBrightXS™ fibres sit in the safety of a Low Smoke Halogen sheathed cable, ready to be connected to super high speed internet when available.

    OptiC@t5e complex cable 4x 2 x 0.5+2SM BBXS
  • Get superior vision into toning and tracing wire

    The Pro3000 Analog Tone and Probe are your best choice for toning and tracing wire on non-active networks, and specifically for identifying individual pairs with SmartTone technology. Angled bed-of-nails clips allow easy access to individual wires, and the RJ11 connector is idea for use on telephone jacks. The large loud speaker on the probe allows you to hear through drywall, wood or other enclosures to find wires quickly and easily. You can send this loud tone up to 10miles on most cables! Attach the nylon pouch to your belt, and you will be equipped for any wire identification job.

    Pro3000 Analog Tone and Probe

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