May Top 5 Data

May 2017
  • Server room in a box

    These soundproofed 'server room in a box' which allows for IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving space, cost and deployment time. Each box comes with integrated ventilation fans, APC power distribution, EIA spec 4 post 19-inch rack, lockable front doors, front & rear accessory rails, for cable management, detachable side panels & rear fan-units for easy access.

    AR4038 & AR4038I // AR4024 & AR4024I // AR4018 & AR4018I 
  • 3 Professional quality headphones from Hills

    MPH2 // Closed back 32 ohm headphones with 40 mm diaphram, Studio level performance
    and accurate sonic imaging, Noise isolating overear design, Plush ear cushions for
    extended comfort, 180 degree rotatable frame, easy for single ear monitoring,
    Swivel design allowing for pristine comfort for any user, Detachable locking cable

    MPH3 // Professional monitoring closed back headphones, lightweight, comfortable, 45mm
    neodymium drivers for extended frequency response. Suitable for mixing,
    monitoring and personal listening. With 180-degree rotatable earcups.

    MPH4 // Professional over-ear monitoring headphone featuring extended frequency
    response with noise-isolating earcups. 50mm drivers for superb audio performance,
    leather ventilated headband for added comfort. Designed for tracking, mixing, and
    critical monitoring.

    MPH - 2 // MPH - 3 // MPH - 4
  • Power-over-ethernet - Connected lighting

    Philips Connected Lighting is a first and foremost a high quality LED lighting system for offices combining a network of connected lights and sensors. Data can be collected to use and manage the building more efficiently. The system uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology to connect Philips lighting fixtures to a building’s IT network. With PoE, Ethernet cables are used to send both power and data to the luminaires, eliminating the need for separate power cabling and resulting in impressive savings in installation and construction costs.

  • Easy strip security cable

    Tycab security cable featuring "easy strip” Tyrip® seam which makes striping the cable that much easier when terminating, especially where a reasonable length of tail is required, e.g. on boards or control panels. Tyrip will also improve the productivity of the installer and help avoid damaging cores during the sheath striping process.

    This Tycab security cable is for extra low voltage, not for mains connection. The cable is flame retardant, low smoke, zero halogen, oxygen free copper and RoHS compliant.

    Available in 4, 6 and 8 core

  • Great value HDMI extender with POE

    The Ultra-Slim HDMI Extender is a full featured extender that delivers High Speed HDMI signals over a single Ethernet cable
    to distances up to 50 meters. The ultra slim design allows users to easily conceal the extender behind displays or mounts,
    while the Power over Ethernet feature removes the need for a power supply at the receiving end, making this the ideal choice
    for consumers and system integrators alike. The HDMI loop-out feature lets you mirror an additional display at the location of
    the content source and the IR repeater function allows you to control the content source device from the remote location.

    Rest assured that the Ultra-Slim HDMI Extender is the most affordable, easy to use, and reliable system for your next video
    distribution project.


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