North Island Endurance Series Round 3: Manfield

5th August 2016
The 23rd of July brought an eventful end to the North Island Endurance series at Manfeild.

During the qualifying round a spin off the tracks into the mud early on meant a red flag. In the end sledgehammer came through with a 1 second margin over the Audi team meaning they started in 4th position for the 3hr race.

A hit during the first pit in the pit lane from Simon Evans caused the damage to the rear bumper and left a piece flapping. After repairing it at the next pit stop and rejoining the race, Sledgehammer fought back to be one lap up on the competition. However, the right hand side of the bumper couldn't hold on at the 240km/hr pace and broke off taking the brake lights with it. Though the team quickly rigged up a brake light in the pit, the lost laps couldn't be pulled back and the team finished fifth in the race and third in the series overall.

Well done to John and Simon and the rest of the crew for their hard work and great racing across the series! We are looking forward to the South Island series starting next month!

Preparations have begun for the South Island series, with the first race on the 10th of September back at home base of Invercargill for the JMR/Tulloch team. (See the event page with all the race dates here)

Have a look at the great event video from the FastFiles to hear from the team and see some great shots of the race in action:

Full 3 hr race videos Part 1 + Part 2: