October 2018
  • Garland 1RU 19” Modular 24 Port Fibre Panel with Sliding Drawer

    The Garland 24 Port 19” sliding rack mount FOBOT (Fibre Optic Breakout Terminal) provides an economical solution for installations where pre- termination, pigtail splicing, or field termination is required. The modular adaptor panels allow a choice between ST/FC, SC/DLC, DSC/QLC & blanks, with a full set of each included in each panel.

    - 1RU 19” Modular Design
    - Mounting Ears
    - Ball Bearing Sliding Rails
    - Includes 2 x 12f Splice Cassettes with Combs
    - Includes Cable Glands, Internal Cable Management, Fibre Tubing & Splice Protectors
    - Includes Adaptor Panels, with Screen Printed Numbers for SL/DLC, ST/FC & DSC/QLC
    - Includes all Mounting Screws & Cage Nuts

  • PowerCat 6A U/FTP
    C6A Underground

    The Molex CAA-00418 is an outside plant Gel-Filled Category 6A 4 Pair U/ FTP cable. A HDPE compound insulates the cores while a PE (UV) sheath provides protection against moisture and UV. An additional nylon outer jacket provides protection against abrasion and termites The rugged construction of this cable makes it idea for outdoor/ underground installations. Molex uses a Gel Foam which is easier to clean than current water resistant gels.

    - Category 6A compliant
    - PE (UV) and nylon sheathed for greater protection
    - UV resistant n Suitable for outdoor/underground Installations
    - Water Resistant Gel


    The IRSENDKIT3 is our full IR kit, consisting of a connecting block, double emitter, and an IR receiver. Also included is an RJ45 adaptor for Plug and Play capability.
    If the TV is more than 2 metres from the connecting block we now include an RJ45 joiner to eliminate the need to reterminate the IR receiver into a Cat5/6

  • LanTEK III - Certifier for Copper and Fibre Cabling

    The LanTEK III is an easy to use cable certifier that meets existing TIA and ISO/IEC performance requirements for testing up to Cat 7A/1000MHz. FiberTEK III adapters are used with LanTEK III for fast and simple certification of high bandwidth single-mode and multimode fibre optic cabling including support for encircled flux testing.

    - Rubberised housing, protected screen and protected measurement port
    - Provides mobile device connectivity using the USB Wi-Fi adapter and free IDEAL AnyWARE app
    - 18 hours continuous use in the field
    - Replaceable Cat. 6A permanent link adapter tips
    - Autotest on both test units. Comprehensive test results within seconds. Allows one person testing
    - Tone generator on both test units. Ability to identify and trace cables with a compatible amplifier probe (62-164)
    - Time Domain Return Loss(TDRL) and NEXT (TDX) to locate hidden connections, splices and cable faults

    LanTEK III
  • Fast, versatile, and easy splicing

    - Carry out your mission as fast as possible - fast splicing in 7s/heating in 24s
    - The intuitive and simple user interface has been fully redesigned for improved user friendliness and experience.
    - The Super-Wide design provides an extended adjustment range of fiber position in the X and Y axes compared to conventional splicers. Super-Wide makes the T-400S tolerant to imperfectly cleaned fibers, and less sensitive to fibers misplaced by unskilled operators. This helps to save time and effort spent on site and reduces the possibility of redoing the splicing work after a splice box has been closed.
    - For further FTTx flexibility the universal Multi-Clamp and removable fiber holders allow splicing of a variety of fiber coating media. The T-400s handles FTTH drop cables, ruggedised cords, lose buffer and tight buffer secondary coated cables, primary coated fobers, and Spice-On field assembly connectors.


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