October 2017
  • Save money every time you test with the DSX-8000

    The DSX-8000 can certify cabling up to Cat 8 / 2 GHz. The Versiv line also includes fiber OLTS certification, OTDR, and fiber inspection modules. Versiv reduces overall certification costs by up to 2/3, adding up to 10% to the bottom line of every job. While the fastest test time (8 seconds for Cat 6A) plays a part, the system is designed from the ground up to reduce errors and streamline certification. Full integration with the LinkWare Live cloud service lets the Project Manager remotely set up the testers, monitor job progress and even locate tester from any smart device. With the DSX CableAnalyer and Versiv, you’ll save money every time you use it.

  • Protect your data in a harsh environment

    Data Communications Enclosure rated IP66 even with cables connected. Contained in a polycarbonate enclosure which is shockproof, chemical and UV resistant. It accepts common NZ mechanisms including RJ45, CAT5, CAT6 (with/without POE) F type TV, RCA, HDMI, BT Telephone. This enclosure is isea for external connections - phone, data cable, speakers, industrial access points and wash down areas.

  • Convert optical and eletrical data signals with low power consumption and a portable size

    WCNOE1F4 is ideal device for most applications where optical - electrical data signal conversions are needed. By connecting the switch TP port with  a  modem,  Ethernet switch, PC or server and its optical ports with matching media converters or other media converter switches, long distance networks and LAN  networks can be installed with ease. The WCNOE1F4 extends the transmission distance of a network from 100 m over copper wires to up to 20km through an optical fibre link. WCNOE1F4 supports PnP RJ-45, 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation, auto-adaptive full-duplex/half duplex and Auto MDI/MDIX. It also features portable-size, light-weight and low power consumption requirements

  • Greater peace of mind with interconnected Panasonic IP Video Intercom System for Apartments

    Door Station - VL-VN1500
    Pure IP door station with a wide-angle camera and RFID reader. Simple and sleek design.

    Control Box - VL-VN1700
    Up to 2000 devices* are supported. Panasonic SIP Phone is available in the system.

    Lobby Station - VL-VN1900
    Pure IP lobby station with a colour LCD monitor and wide-angle camera. Elegant design and durable structure with a metallic panel.

    Room Monitor - VL-MN1000
    Pure IP room monitor with 7-inch wide LCD and touch screen.

    VL-VN1500 // VL-VN1700 // VL-VN1900 // VL-MN1000
  • HDMI and IR over any conductive cable

    HDMI and IR over any conductive cable over up to 3.8km in 1080p. Can be wired in multiple configurations including unicast, multicast and multi-level cascading are all supported.


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