July Top 5 Data Products

July 2016
  • 1. iQ Open Frame

    Specially designed Cable management series
    The iQ Open Frame series has been designed specifically for high density patching applications associated with Data Centres, ensuring neat cabling while adhering to bend radius requirements.

    There are several cable management options available utilising the Rack Technologies T-Finger design. The vertical cable managers are available in widths of 150mm, 300mm and 400mm.

    For the full range and more details, read the brochure here

    Pictured: 45RU 2-post open frame bayed with cable managers
  • 2. PLAG6AFS Cat6A Angled RJ45 Plug

    Tooless full shielded & “field installable”
    The PLAG6AFS is a full shielded RJ45 plug with rotative head to allow a little bending radius in case of narrow space.

    This tooless plug is the best connectivity solution in case of direct attaches:

    - Designed with a rotative head
    - IDC blocks specially made for cable AWG 26 to 23 solid cores (maximum insulation : 1.27 OD)
    - Technology improvements :
    - Integrated gold contact and stable contact height
    - IDC technology
    - Compensation circuit
    - Low useful depth : 26mm
    - 4 insertors for a quick connection and safety by a mechanical blocking
    - Tool less connection
    - Colour code visibility to ensure a visual monitoring during connection
    - Suitable for all IP based applications on static situation (IP cams, IP access control, Wifi access point …)

    For more information see the full brochure here
  • 3. Professional Compression Tool Kit

    the tools you need for tv installation
    These great kits from Matchmaster contain high quality tools for installing digital TV.

    Kits contain:

    080MM-CT01Compression tool
    080MM-ST05 Stripper
    080MM-EX6XLG Connectors

    Available with or without the protective hardcase.

    Kits are currently ON SPECIAL at Mt Eden branch, check out their Trade Page here for more information.

    The HDMI-MATRIX4X2E is designed to accept up to 4 HDMI sources and connect up to 2 HDMI outputs via HDBase-T 70mtr Lite Receivers, such as TV's, projectors and so on. The output signals can be the same or different. The transmitters fully comply with HDMI 1.4 standard and HDCP compliance. HPD (hot plug detect) circuit with LED indicators to identify which inputs are connected. When you select an output the LED indicator will show which outputs are active.

    - 4 HDMI input split to 2 Multi HDMI display sink (any input to any output) via 2x HDBase-t 70mtr Lite Outputs
    - HDMI version 1.4 with latest full performance, HDCP 1.2 compliant
    - High Speed with chipset bandwidth 3.4Gbps/channel, 10.2Gbps total
    - FullHD 4k2k@30Hz, 1080p, 24fps 50/60Hz, Deep colour 30bit/36bit
    - Support VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA and WUXGA (1920x1200)
    - Standard 24 bit colour (RGB/YCbCr) and new xvYCC colour space
    - DTS-HD/true-HD/LPCM7.1/AC3/DTS/DSD audio format
    - Comes with Remote Control
    - IR repeater function built-in
    - 3D Support
    - Multi-layers cascading
  • 5. THA 101 Smart Switch + Wireless Extender

    Get smart, get connected
    - Quick app based set up
    - Turn device on/off from any mobile internet connection
    - Powerful N300 wireless repeater extends your existing wireless network
    - Create weekly on/off schedule
    - Free Apple and Android app
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