January 2018
To kick off the new year are looking back at the top 5 data feature and pulling together the top products for 2017.

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  • Security

    Panasonic e-series cameras
    Proven to be the best in it's class the e-series cameras from Panasonic deliver high quality, latest technology and simple to use features, bringing it to the top of Security in 2017.
  • Data Connectivity

    Patch Panel
    With available real estate at a premium with Data Cabinets this high density Cat6a patch panel from Molex delivers on performance and aesthetics bringing it to the top of Data Connectivity for 2017. 
  • Wifi

    TEW-821DAP POE access point
    This TRENDnet Wifi Access Point ticks all the boxes. Dual band, POE, high power, and very simple to program, making this our top wifi product of 2017.
  • Cable

    Optic@5 cable
    The Opticat5e hybrid cable serves as a future proof system that delivers any type of data technology within a residential house or commercial premise. This is a one stop shop when it comes to Data Cable which brings it to the top for 2017.
  • TV

    Rack mountable multiswitch
    Thinking outside the box Matchmaster have adapted their very popular DDA28 switch into a 19" Rack Mount format. Due to meeting the customer demand this had made it to the top TV product for 2017. 
  • AV

    Multi-room audio system
    With most music being streamed these days iEAST have capitalised with this unit. Fully featured and easy to use through the free APP makes this a leader in it's technology and top of our AV for 2017.
  • Test Equipment

    Analog tone & probe
    This no nonsense test and probe set from Fluke far surpasses anything on the market and makes life a lot easier for the contractor. Ease of use and minimizing costly delays makes this product top of test equipment for 2017.
  • HDMI

    HDMI fibre extender
    Innovation in combining the latest of technology without complicated programming makes this Helix HDMI extender over fibre a sure winner for top of HDMI for 2017.
  • Fibre

    Micro media convertor
    The Micro Media Convertor delivers on both size and performance. The WCN unit is powered by USB and delivers 1GB up to 20km. For something not bigger than a match box this is our top fibre product for 2017.
  • Intercoms

    Smart door bell
    The IP rated Ethernet intercom from Dahua provides both security and communications together with a smart APP makes this our top Intercom product of 2017.
  • HDMI

    SX-EX41HDMI anywire
    The ability of this unit to deliver an HDMI signal over any type of cable sets it apart from the rest. Innovation and performance will exceed expectations taking it to the top of our list of 2017.

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